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Keeping your racking systems
safe, efficient, compliant


Absolute Racking Inspections Ltd. are SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors. We ensure that your Racking is properly inspected to SEMA Regulation Standards. We have over 35 years in-depth knowledge of warehouse storage solutions, both installing and project managing.

We inspect any size site, from multiple sites to just a couple of bays, give us a call or use the contact form and Sean will be happy to discuss your individual requirements.

We are totally independent, providing you with a non biased, impartial, fully comprehensive report.

Sean is COVID 19 compliant, we follow the latest government guidelines.


Do you need a Racking Inspection?
There is one simple answer.....YES!
Health and Safety Legislation
The small print bit....
What you need to do.....
SEMA Damage Codes and Tolerances
Red, Amber and Green
Racking Types Inspected
Tell us what you have....
The Report
What will your report contain......
Damage Repair
Don't use a cowboy....
Pre-Installation Survey
Will your new storage equipment fit?
Each storage facility is unique. Over the years we have gained extensive knowledge of all storage equipment manufacturers and have acquired a portfolio of contacts enabling you to receive quotes for repair and replacement work.

Our easy to follow reports will help you to assess areas in need of attention and any improvements to reduce costly damages in the future.

We also provide training for on site daily inspections by your own staff which could reduce the costs of your future maintenance.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements on 07535 160306, use the attached form or email us at
Registered Office
661 High Street
West Midlands
T: +44 (0)7535 160 306
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