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Keeping your racking systems
safe, efficient, compliant

Do you need a Racking Inspection?

There is one simple answer.....YES!

In a nutshell all of your storage equipment needs to be inspected.

Inspections are not only required to satisfy legal requirements, they also check your equipment has been installed correctly and is suitable for your requirements.

Sean has undergone in-depth courses with SEMA to gain his qualifications, along with his years of experience within the industry, he will provide guidance and recommendations to help improve your Health and Safety giving you peace of mind and assurances within your business and because we are totally independent, we will be giving you an unbiased inspection, with only your safety in mind.

The frequency of inspections depends on a wide variety of factors that are bespoke to your site.

Annual inspections are recommended.

Records of all inspections must be maintained.

Feel free to call Sean on 07535 160306 to discuss further.


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