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SEMA Damage Codes and Tolerances

Red, Amber and Green

Racking damage is recorded using a simple traffic light system. This helps to prioritise Risk and Need for Action.

Green Risk - Minor damage within the SEMA allowable limits. No remedial action is necessary but you must continue to monitor the issues at subsequent inspections.

Amber Risk - Damage exceeding allowable limits requiring action or repair but not sufficiently severe to warrant immediate action. The affected location or component should be off loaded as soon as possible and not reused until repairs or rectification have been effected. If no action is taken within one month the amber risk escalates to RED RISK status requiring immediate offloading of the affected location or locations.

RED RISK - A high degree of damage is noted well beyond allowable limits requiring immediate offloading of the affected location or locations and any further action as indicated in the RED RISK notice which will be issued on site.


A qualified inspector has to go through an intense training course.
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